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Click for COVID-19 Portal 
– ACTA Letter Writing Campaign
– Member Alerts & Press Releases

– ACTA Covid-19 Webinars
– Government Resources
– Human Resource Programs
– Government Financial Aid Programs
 Travel Supplier COVID-19 Updates
Other Business Programs

 WEBINAR: COVID-19 Business UpdateACTA President Wendy Paradis and Senior Accountant at Your Bottom Line, Mike Libbey presented a Covid-19 Business Update related to the Government Programs available to businesses and workers. 

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ACTA Covid-19 Advocacy Recovery Fund
Significant lobbying will need to continue in the coming months while we work through the COVID-19 crisis to ensure Travel Agencies, their employees, and independent contractors are a priority.

Help ACTA help you and donate to ACTA’s Advocacy Fund today!

BREAKING NEWS - April 20New Announcements on Government Financial Relief Programs and ACTA Letter Writing Campaign

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) – ACTA welcomed the April 15th announcement by the federal government of changes to the eligibility rules to allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB. ACTA has pressed the federal government on this point on our daily calls, especially as it is one of the most asked questions posed to ACTA by Members, in particular by those travel agents receiving commission payments. Read full advisory here. 
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Thank you to ACTA's Corporate Partners
for all of their support!

ACTA’s mission is to foster the success and prosperity of our travel agency members. Our most supportive partners, ACTA Corporate Partners, invest their time and resources in order to support ACTA’s vision of a healthy and vibrant retail travel industry where the Travel Agent is recognized as an expert resource. Proud Partners understand that Travel Agents are essential to their success.